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Sealing lids for sealing coffee capsules
  • Several embossing options
  • High barrier properties
  • Soldering to any kind of plastic
  • Wide range of operating temperatures at sealing
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Sealing lids for sealing coffee capsules

Sealing lids for sealing coffee capsules

Recognizability of the brand. High barrier properties.

Aluminum sealing lids for sealing coffee capsules by the „MILK“ Packaging factory“ will keep the flavor and the taste of the drink. The package is suitable for direct contact with food.

Peculiarities of the sealing lid made of aluminum foil

                Application Sealing of the coffee capsule with foil  
            Diameter 37 mm 
          Foil thickness 30 μm 
 Material structure  AL (aluminum) HSL/PE
Embossing Worm, flax, needles
Smooth sealing lid without embossing
Printing Up to 8 colors
Soldering temperature  180-250 ℃ 

Varnishing of the foil using home manufacturing guarantees high adhesion (soldering). This is important for keeping airtightness: the package will hold the dust and water, and it will protect against penetration by sunbeams. The sealing lid by the „MILK“ Packaging factory“ is soldered to any kind of plastic (PP/PS/PE/PET/PVC/PBT). You can order a sealing lid without printing or add your pattern to the package. This will not only increase the recognizability of your product but will also injure it against counterfeits. Flexographic printing makes it possible to reproduce an image, text, or full-color coating.

 Advantages for the end consumer:

  1. It facilitates the recognizability of the brand. The consumer identifies his favorite products easily.
  2. Safety. Special paints and heat seal lacquer don’t allow any migration during the perforation and sealing of coffee capsules.
  3. The high barrier properties of the aluminum package make it possible to protect the product and keep it fresh.

Lids for sealing by the „MILK“ Packaging factory“ are manufactured under safety regulations for foodstuff. Sealing lids will be suitable not only for coffee capsules – they can be used for pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetics, tea, dairy products, infant food, etc.

Advantages for you
Heat stability
Heat stability

Sealing lids are stable against high temperatures on the packaging line.

 Visual attractiveness and differentiation
Visual attractiveness and differentiation

Differentiate your brand by printing a logo of your company.

Selection of the embossing
Selection of the embossing

Lids for sealing can have embossing (flax, needles, and worm) and be smooth.

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