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Cosmetic packaging
  • High barrier properties
  • The foil is non-toxic
  • It is recyclable
  • The foil holds its given shape
  • Aluminum is characterized by its good thermal endurance
  • Strength
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Cosmetic packaging

Aluminum foil for packaging cosmetic products

Aluminum foil is widely applied for packaging cosmetic products and personal-care products. It not only plays a key role in physical protection but also increases the visual attractiveness of products.

Sealing lids by the „MILK“ Packaging factory“ are suitable for sealing bottles and PET cans for packing various products: creams, unctures, scrubs, balsams, masks, and eye patches.

Variants of lids for sealing cosmetics

Embossed sealing lids. Please choose a suitable pattern: flax, games, or worm. Such kinds of sealing lids can be ordered both indenting a pattern and without it.

Smooth sealing lids. Packaging for expensive price segment; it is suitable for luxury cosmetics.

SMART-embossing. Sealing lid combining attractiveness and economic efficiency.

„MILK“ Packaging factory“ offers more than 30 shapes and dimensions. Haven’t you found a suitable option? We will customize it, especially for you.

Printing as an additional branding way

Indenting a pattern on the sealing lid performs several functions:

  1. Increasing the status value of products. Luxury cosmetics are characterized not only by the quality of the product itself but also by its visual constituent; by that, its value and attractiveness are increased.
  2. Counterfeit protection. It is often difficult to distinguish between an original and a counterfeit. Pirate cosmetics not only inflict a huge loss of property; bad quality and possible hypersensitivity reactions cause the loss of trust in the brand. The packaging will help to solve this problem.

Delivery terms

We deliver our products within Russia, to enterprises of our customers in the Central federal district by our vehicles. We deliver products to other cities on demand.

Contact us to get additional information or a commercial proposal; for this, please fill in the request form on the website or call us.

Advantages of packaging made of aluminum foil
High barrier properties
High barrier properties

The composition of cosmetics includes special oils, vitamins, vegetables, and chemical compounds that must be preserved, and the penetration of air, light, and contaminants must be prevented.

Such products require an extended storage period both in the store and in use by a buyer. The aluminum foil on which base sealing lids are made will provide better protection and impenetrability. Lids manufactured by the „MILK“ Packaging factory“ will preserve the products for 2 years.

The foil is non-toxic
The foil is non-toxic

Cosmetic packaging requires a special observance of sanitary and hygienic measures. The package must be safe because cosmetics contact the skin directly. The foil is nontoxic; the aluminum doesn’t tang; it isn’t a favorable environment for the generation of bacteria.

It is recyclable
It is recyclable

Nowadays, the ecological package becomes a trend. The material from which lids are produced– aluminum – is the most often processed. The aluminum-based packaging is also recyclable. Along with the sealing lid made of foil, we also offer PET lids; they don’t need additional sorting and are utilized together with the can.

The foil holds its given shape
The foil holds its given shape

E.g. using the sealing lid you can cover the cream can again; by that, you prolong the shelf life of the product and improve the airtightness of the package

Aluminum is characterized by its good thermal endurance
Aluminum is characterized by its good thermal endurance

This will be an undeniable advantage for products that must be kept in the fridge


The package based on aluminum foil is less exposed to perforations and disruptions when removed. Use the sealing lid with the film to keep the higher strength

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