Lacquering is the first transformation foil undergoes during production.

To prepare the surface for printing, foil is coated with a primer on a lacquering machine; and with a heat seal lacquer – for further sealing with plastic. After passing the acceptance test, the foil roll is adjusted at the lacquering station, and the foil goes through the prime coating section and through a series of drying boxes for fastening the covering. Then it comes to the heat seal lacquering section and drying boxes again – there the lacquer gets dry and fastens off. After that the foil is evenly rolled. The half-finished product for packaging is ready.

At every stage the foil passes the all-Union State Standard Control. To provide top quality product, we set specially adopted shaft speed parameters and specific temperature requirements. The formula of the lacquers and thinners we use is our know-how.

Our technologists were the first in Russia to start using the technique of ideal heat seal lacquer coating precisely for producing glossy die-cut lids (unembossed). This invention was honored with a gold medal for innovations at an international exhibition “PRODEXPO 2017”.


Prepared foil is covered with colors that build up its further design. We have more than three thousand design patterns in stock.

All the printing machines we use are flexoprinting machines. The capabilities flexoprinting provides are constantly growing: the quality of printing gets better, the print run speed increases (the readjustment of the machine for printing a different pattern). Moreover, this printing type is one of the most cost efficient ones. We use two types of colors: UV-curable and solvent. All the colors are certified for food packaging printing.

Embossing, Cutting

The cutting machine is used to emboss printed foil. Embossing makes foil harder and allows separating die-cut lids from a pile. We have three embossing patterns: “worm”, “needles”, “flax”. You can also order a premium packaging - a die-cut lid with your logo.

Then the press cuts the lids. Both the embossing and the cutting are carried out at a single phase. At this stage, the foil roll is turned into the end-product – die-cut lids.

At every stage, there is quality control. We test all printed rolls: sealing test, tape test, adhesion test. Every cutting is compared with a model sample. The color control is provided with the help of special equipment. During cutting, we also perform a quick response quality control.