About company


Here is the company’s history told by Valentin Maslennikov, General Director:

We came to market in 2002 to offer the most up-to-date packing technology and satisfy the needs of dairy vendors. Our packaging was aimed to become highly attractive with the capability to preserve the product during its lifecycle and even longer, and to withstand the transportation. And we managed this.

We had the biggest clients in the dairy and pharmacy industry not only in Russia but all over the world. Companies that produce dairy and drugs are very particular about the quality of everything that concerns their products. Their representatives often come to visit our production center. And we are proud to mention that our products have always been able to keep up with their rigid standards, and we have never let down any of those who partner with us.

We have had renovation twice since that. Our equipment was made in Germany, the Czech Republic, England, and the USA, and complies with international quality standards for die cut lid and blister packing.

For the recent seven years, we have been buying the material - aluminum foil - from our long-time partner Rusal concern.

Every month we ship 150 million die cut lids and 200 tons of roll products to our partners, and we are going to increase these figures.

One of our most important achievements is the creation of a fully-featured quality control department. As you know, not all the companies working in the sphere can boast of having such a department. This is namely this department that has brought our client cooperation to a newer and higher level and allows us to respond to customer needs in a timely fashion, thus giving us an opportunity to develop.

Andrey Vorobyev, our Quality Director, will tell you how we achieved mass manufacturing of the highest quality products:

Die cut lids we all see on top of a yogurt or a sour crème cup serve a number of important tasks and must comply with a series of requirements:

  • To provide tight packing, because the external environment makes the product inedible very quickly, despite the preservatives.
  • When interacting with a dairy product, it should not discharge any harmful substances which may affect consumer properties of the product.
  • To provide a bright and attractive appearance, because when choosing a product, some people first look at its packing.
  • Not to lose attractability and reliability under transportation and storage. Dairy products are transported by railway, sea ships, in containers and boxes all over the country. They are thrown, dropped, anything may be spilled on them under storage. But finally, in the shop window, the buyer should see a fine box that makes him want to buy it.

In addition, die cut lids must be cheap in mass production, reliable, and easy to change.

The requirements for packing pharmaceuticals are no less rigorous as they must preserve the product for years.

Of course, we managed to achieve all this not only because of advanced technologies and high-class materials but also because of the personnel – our employee - whom we were hiring from all over the country and abroad.

Our quality control department also plays a great role in creating a user-demanded product as we are literally the eyes and ears of the company. We listen to our customers, and thus we see how to achieve the best in everything - from production to delivery.

These all have made us an unrivaled company in the business and we are not going to ever step back.

Besides the outstanding product quality, our company provides advanced support for our partners and clients. This is how our Commercial Director Sergei Kochetov describes this:

How did we manage to become Russia’s No1 die cut lid and foil packing producer so fast? This was largely possible due to our management department. They make clients, track market fluctuations, and provide effective logistics and international support. That’s why our customers can benefit from working with our company.

We are located in Tula region, which is very convenient in relation to the largest consumers of our products. We have enough cargo transport to provide timely delivery of foil packing to our clients.

Of course, we use all the latest IT technologies for communication. A unique CRM-system eliminates interruption of supplies and gives our specialists excellent opportunities for supporting our buyers.

The quality of everything is our main priority. We value the quality of business relations, our vendors and clients, and the service in general – that all has placed us among the best and continues to inspire our efforts.