From the beginning to nowadays

The MILK packaging factory hit the market in 2002. The bare minimum of packaging production already implemented core principles the company still adheres to: innovations, technologies and special focus on quality.

During the next several years MILK managed to conquer the packaging market in Russia becoming the leading manufacturer of die cut lids and laminated aluminum foil. Since 2016 MILK has penetrated a number of foreign markets including Europe, Asia, and Africa. More and more clients showed a preference for MILK packaging thanks to its supreme qualities and competitive price. Today, the MILK packaging factory is 13th in the world in aluminum die cut lids production according to the Zion Market Research report.

Core principles

At MILK we strongly adhere to three main principles. We aim to deliver exceptional quality of our lidding products through innovations, scrutinous quality control and responsible production. For instance, we constantly adopt new technologies, and our equipment is custom ordered from USA, Germany, Holland, and United Kingdom.


MILK was the first packaging factory in Russia that equipped a class D clean room for pharmaceutical packaging production lines. Own laboratory and automated quality control systems allow us to deliver superior quality our clients expect. We monitor market changes and quickly react to new trends and demands of our clients to deliver efficient and up to date packaging solutions. For instance, our truly innovative products such as Alu-PET-Alu lids or unembossed die cut lids are already acclaimed by market leaders such as Ehrmann and DANONE.


Every month we ship over 100 millions of lids and 200 millions of tons of roll laminated aluminum to clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Canada. We are proud to work with over 400 clients including such de-facto leaders as Novartis and DANONE. Our comprehensive QA-testing is unique for the industry. And coupled with contemporary equipment it allows us to deliver extended guaranteed storage time for our products. While the majority of manufacturers guarantee no more than 6 month, we offer guaranteed 24 month of storage without degrading of specifications.

Social responsibility

We believe every business must be socially oriented. That is why we provide our employees with decent working conditions and social benefits. MILK also supports and partners with multiple social events in Russia such as football tournaments and student games. And social audit held by Sedex in 2016 proved that MILK indeed adheres to and fully complies with the responsible business principles.