Data Matrix


Dairy producers are now actively implementing Data Matrix codes in their packaging – starting from 2021, these enterprises are required to switch to working under the conditions of mandatory product labeling. The experiment is carried out by the national marking system "Honest MARK". We are pleased to announce that our company has become a part of this experiment. "Present packaging" was included in the list of printing houses for applying codes in the "Honest SIGN"system. At the factory, we installed equipment that applies variable information to packaging with high print quality: 2D codes (Data Matrix, QR Code, etc.), text, graphics, barcodes.

Thanks to Domino's revolutionary technology, we can apply information to foils, films, and composite materials.

Роскошный вид
Efficiency of production of orders
The equipment is configured for the required print width and allows you to apply up to 10 codes at a time.
Легко открывается
Ease of use
We apply the code in our own production, using digital tools. For the customer, everything is simple – it transmits the information that needs to be transferred to the material.
Подходит для любых продуктов
Application alternative
When printing packaging, special inks are used, which allow the customer to apply the code with a laser during packaging.
Подходит к любым производственным линиям
Readability guarantee
Quality classes A and B guarantee good readability of the data during packaging and at all subsequent stages.
One of the most popular questions is whether labeling slows down the production of orders.

In order to indicate a specific production time, it is necessary to understand the process itself: first, we receive the design of the future packaging from the customer. The employees of the Prepress Department are involved in the work, who adapt the layout to the features of our printing production. At this stage, adjustments, text edits, etc. are possible. After agreeing and approving the design with the client, we order printed forms and begin production, which takes up to 2 weeks, taking into account the planned load. But also based on the needs and requirements of the client, we are able to make urgent orders in 2-3 days.

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