Aluminum Foil Packaging
Integrated alufoil production. EU-certified. Scrutinous quality control.

MILK Packaging Factory produces premium quality lidding materials and aluminum foil packing for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Chosen by dozens of leading enterprises in Europe, Russia, Canada, Africa and Asia for the ultimate quality and competitive price, our products contribute to safety and consumer satisfaction every day.

MILK: Produced in Russia, sold all over the world!
This is how our aluminum foil packaging is born
Select aluminum from trusted European suppliers
Bleeding-edge technology
EU-certified integrated production
Our suppliers ship the best Euronorm-compliant aluminum preferred and highly demanded by most European food and pharmaceutical industries. Strict compliance of materials to requirements of the British Retail Consortium guarantees safety of aluminum foil and great consumer properties of packaging itself.
Here at MILK, we constantly develop and adopt innovative technologies to deliver market-first solutions that best fit the needs of both our prospects and their consumers. For instance, MILK was the first company in Russia to adopt a pixel-precise lacquering technology for unembossed die-cut lids widely used in premium segment products.
Integrated production means we control every step of it including foil laminating, lacquering, cutting, printing and stamping. This results in both the superior quality of our packaging and unsurpassed flexibility so we could fulfill client’s most complicated needs. Each and every step of our business process is SEDEX certified ensuring responsible, ethical and safe production.
Our quality standards
BRC-compliant food packaging
Food packaging produced by MILK fully complies with the requirements of the British Retail Consortium. Not only does this mean our aluminum foil lids are safe for packaging edible products, but also that the quality remains consistent, and all required product safety specifications are fulfilled unconditionally, all the time.
Sterile production conditions for pharmaceutical packaging
DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ qualifications prove our pharmaceutical packaging meets world’s most stringent quality and safety requirements. The class D (ISO 8) clean room nullifies risks of microbiological and foreign contamination for blister forms and cold form laminate production.
Automated quality control
You are guaranteed to receive the best possible result thanks to automated inspection and quality assurance systems. Specifically, the NDC gauge system ensures uniform lacquer coating of aluminum foil for firm adhesion of the foil to all kinds of plastic and helps us delivering the product with exact parameters a client ordered. And the AVT system measures color consistency and accuracy of the stamp which is crucial for brand awareness and status.
ISO 9001:2015
MILK’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ensures policies, procedures, instructions, production processes and quality analysis we use pursue the same goal: enhance customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 certification also means that MILK Packaging Factory follows the guidelines of the standard and meets regulatory requirements.
Superior consumer properties
A bouquet of technologies, streamlined production, and extensive testing ensures excellent consumer value of our aluminum foil packaging. The heat sealed lacquer attaches firmly to most types of plastic including PP, PVC and PS for safety and freshness of products, and for easy transportation too. Consumers enjoy even opening without the risk of spilling contents or tearing the package. And excellent UV, light and oxygen protection come as standard thanks to outstanding quality of the alufoil composite “sandwich”, a know-how of MILK.
Wide selection of packaging products
MILK offers a wide range of aluminum foil packaging products for variety of food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Choose between embossed, glossy or plastic die-cut lids, blister foils and cold form laminates. We also deliver alufoil with printing and laminated foil to package loose food products like butter. For special needs we provide converted roll foil with heat seal lacquer. Need something you don’t see here? Please contact us for our custom foil packaging offer. As we produce components ourselves, we can tweak their characteristics and do much more to provide you with a tailor-made packaging solution.
Perfect brand awareness and recognition
Our automated QA system makes sure printing accurately depicts every detail of your brand identity promoting instant recognition of the product on store shelves and supporting its high reputation. MILK also offers solutions for premium segment. Whenever your product requires non-typical packaging to stand out of the herd, we can help by producing arbitrary lid shapes and printing any full-color branded image. You can also print logos or promo codes on the inner side of the package thanks to our health-safe printing technology. And for packaging of truly exclusive products there are glossy die-cut lids delivering extra-fine printing quality and your custom logo applied to the inner side of the lid with microdots of lacquer.
Buy European-quality aluminum foil for packaging at a surprisingly affordable price. Thanks to lower local production costs we are able to deliver sterling quality for a competitive price. We do take into account your specifics to offer the best pricing option. And thanks to well-run logistics system set to work with suppliers directly and our own vehicle fleet we are able to guarantee extremely short order-to-delivery period for our European clients.
Provider of choice
With 17 years of experience in alufoil packaging production, top-notch technology-packed production lines, and all-time dedication to satisfy our customers’ needs, MILK managed to become a provider of choice for dozens of leading food and pharma enterprises all over the world including DANONE, Ehrmann, Pepsico, Valio, Campina and Novartis, to name just a few.
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