New tasty Danone


Packaging Factory MILK has released a batch of sealing lids for new Prostokvashino products. In February, Danone presented to consumers sour cream sauces with mushrooms; with cucumbers and greens, as well as two kinds of dessert sour cream – with blueberries and strawberries.

Our designers began to develop die-cut lids for new types of cultured milk products just on the eve of the New Year. After winter holidays, the Danone brand manager arrived to agree on the printed cuts. In the course of communication, we received insider information – to pay special attention to sour cream sauce with cucumbers and greens. As the taste of Danone’s team member suggests, this sauce will be the most popular of the new products

Currently, we are producing the third batch of foil lids for packing these Prostokvashino products.