Onboarding the personal No.1


The success and development of the company depend not only on clever expert management but also on the correct personnel development. What is the best motivation? Is it material benefit only?

Let’s refer to statistics: in studies carried out by HeadHunter, among 5 thousand Russian applicants, 83% of respondents brought the high salary to the top:

In the course of the inquiry, respondents were also asked if they are ready to work after working hours and fulfill the work sometimes that does not belong to their duties if the employer provides the maximum level of taking care for them. 88% of respondents declared that they are ready to work after working hours under such conditions.

Such a loyalty level is not only an index of the treating them decently by the company management but also the result of the smart work of HR specialists, among them, the correct onboarding process for new employees plays a significant role at that.

To make sure of the correctness of the direction chosen by us one more time we applied to participate in the competition „Best mentoring practices – 2022“ among the leading manufacturing plants of the Tula region, the goal of this competition is to increase the labor capacity and introduction of lean technologies.

We are taking part in the competition for the second time; as a result of the year 2021 we won 3rd place with the project called „Optimization of the process of manufacturing varnished foil“.

This year, the expert council headed by the Minister of industry and trade of the Tula region Vyacheslav Romanov awarded our project „Increasing the efficiency of the system of onboarding and training probationary employees – operators of the printing area“ the 1st place among the leading enterprises of the region.

The victory for us is a motivation to move in and improve our internal processes, among them onboarding and mentoring belong to tasks of high priority.

We hope that with the help of our internal mentors, we will succeed in the process of training our new employees more effectively!