Aluberg 2018: development of the two biggest markets

Johannes Piesslinger, the CEO of Aluberg (Italy), summarized one year partnership of our companies at Pharmtech & Ingredients 2018. It is a reminder that the alliance of Aluberg and Packaging Factory MILK supplies primary flexible packaging produced in accordance with GMP requirements to the concerned pharmaceutical manufacturers.

– One of the Russian pharmaceutical industry leaders and a client of Packaging Factory MILK audited us in August this year, – said manager of Aluberg. – It was the first time when a Russian company audited our abidance by the international standards applicable to production of pharmaceutical packaging. The auditor marked high speed of providing requested documents. We wait for this customer to open for a long-term mutually profitable partnership. Generally speaking, over a year of cooperation, a number of clients of Packaging Factory MILK switched to our foil. This is a positive trend for the Russian market in general – a gradual preference of packaging produced in strict conditions of controlling microbiologic index of material that contacts with pharmaceuticals rather than of a cheap one.

Important results of Russian-Italian partnership are the arrangements of auditing our enterprise by transnational corporations which have Aluberg as an approved supplier. The audits are expected to take place in December and in 2019. The auditors’ summary on Packaging Factory MILK will be the crucial step to the beginning of supply of our blister foil to Russian subdivisions of these companies.

As to other achievements of our partner, this year Aluberg has received a CFDA certificate which gives the Italian foil manufacturer the access to the Chinese pharmaceutical market.