Tula lids for Arabic cuisine


MILK packaging factory has sent 2 containers of products to one of the Middle East countries – Jordan. The customer is Noman Al Juneidi Food Industries, a company with subsidiaries all over the world: in the Palestinian territories, in the USA, Bulgaria, Germany and India.

The company has decided to choose unembossed die-cut lids of the 95th and 117th diameters. The choice in favor of this type of lids is due to the fact that the customer needs to pass the smallest details so that they look natural – the design illustrates the contents of the packaging of not only traditional dairy products-yoghurts, but also Arab countries cuisine national dishes.

The main difficulty of working with foreign partners is that different countries have their own requirements for food packaging. However, it is not a problem for the MILK packaging factory – the company's products confirm international quality standards.