Russia’s First Clean Room for Printing Blister Foil


On the threshold of a global production project implementation, the company’s leaders have visited several European enterprises having clean rooms. After that, there was a tender that was won by Russia’s “Aluminika”. The Packaging Factory MILK’s clean room maintains the minimized microbiological and physical pollution risks that satisfy the international standards for producing pharma packaging containers. For one, the personnel wearing overalls enters the workshop through a lockage. The room has a special air filtration system – the inflow, generation, and accumulation of suspended particles is reduced to a minimum.

Currently, our/the clean room is validated according to GOST (All-Union State Standard); qualifications DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ. By January 2018, we plan tofully transfer blister foil production to the clean room. By January 2018, the company plans to fully transfer blister foil production to the clean room. The workshop’s estimated project capacity is – 50 tons per month.

It’s worth recalling that launching the clean room – is the first step towards the global project of constructing a new GMP certified pharma packaging plant.