New Die-Cutting tools – New Opportunities


The workers from our mechanical-repair department completed their training on maintaining tools for die-cutting at Austrian Rauch presses. The education took place right at the manufacturing plant in Viennа.

Mechanics from the Packaging factory MILK learned a new technology of cutting tools and their assembling, got acquainted with the equipment used in the process of polishing.

Die-cuttings made at Rauch have a number of established advantages. Precisely, the life-time of a machine from cutting-to-cutting is two times bigger than that of its rival analogues. Austrian molds work perfect with several types of material: not only with foil, but also with foil with tape, and PET.

Our company has already ordered a mold from Rauch for die-cutting the most popular 95 diameter. We also work with tools from Germany and Hungary. We expect that equipping our die-cutting machines with units from Rauch will bring production boost and lower the prime costs of our products.