Track & trace for dairy: methods of application


Every dairy producer knows that Russia is actively working on marking dairy products with Data Matrix codes. The experiment is being conducted by the national Track & trace digital system Chestny ZNAK.

We are glad to inform you that our company has become a part of this experiment. Present packaging LLC was included in the list of printing houses for applying codes in the Chestny ZNAK system. At the factory, we installed equipment that applies variable information to packaging with high quality printing: 2D bar-codes (Data Matrix, QR-Code, etc.), text, graphics, barcodes.

Thanks to the revolutionary technology Domino, we can apply information to foils, films and combined materials and guarantee readability at all stages.

The equipment is configured for the required printing width and allows to apply up to 10 codes simultaneously.

For the convenience of customers, we offer several options for applying the Data Matrix code:

* we apply the code on our own production, using digital equipment. For the customer everything is simple – he transmits information that needs to be printed to the material;

• special inks are used when printing packaging, which allow the customer to apply the code with a laser.

Thanks to modern equipment, we have managed to ensure that the marking does not slow down the printing process and overall production of packaging.