Employees who were cured for 7 years


7 years – is this a lot or a little? Everyone will answer this question in his way but we tell with all responsibility: this is enough to prove your loyalty to the company. Thus, annually, we award employees who is working more than for 7 years in the company, with gold and jetton with the logo of the company.

Why is it namely 7 years, you will ask? This figure is non-random – 7 years after the moment of the foundation of the company, the production site moved from Moscow to the Tula region. In such a way, a good tradition was born – to present jetton in acknowledgment of long service a major contribution to the development of the company.

Within 2022, the number of our employees with this work period is 8:

Sergey Bockarov, operator of flexographic printing equipment, PHARMA division

Irina Bykova, specialist for prepress

Aleksey Kiselev, chief mechanic

Aleksandr Root, production supervisor, PHARMA division

Anton Pazin, regional sales manager, PHARMA division

Evgeny Patopakhin, regional sales manager, PHARMA division

Roman Shirinsky, operator of rewinding and cutting equipment

Denis Tishkin, operator of flexographic printing equipment

We decided to ask our colleagues why they work in our company, and this is what they answer us:

Anton Pazin, regional sales manager of the PHARMA division: „ I deal namely with sales successfully within the last 7 years. I see how my knowledge and skills make an essential contribution to the development of the company. It is interesting to work in our fast-growth company. Many new competencies appeared. My plans are only to move forward and upwards!“

Aleksandr Root, production supervisor of the PHARMA division АРМА: „I have been working for the company for 7 years already. We have an excellent team; I appreciate and respect my colleagues. There are a lot of interesting tasks here, and it's a comfort for me to know that I have much to do with the development of the production at such a high level“.

In their turn, production site operators Roman Shirinsky and Denis Tishkin mentioned that they like the working conditions, operation schedules, and stability of the company.

Dear colleagues, thank you for selecting the Milk Company! We wish you success, ambitious tasks, non-standard solutions, new achievements, and victories!