BERHALTER-Swiss precision now in Russia

During 2020, MILK Packaging Factory has invested about one million euros to increase production and technological capacity. So, most of the funds were spent on the cutting press of the Swiss company BERHALTER, which produces the most modern, high-quality and reliable

BERHALTER is BENTLY in the world of cutting equipment.

SMARTembosser, developed by Behalter, increases the branding capabilities of foil lids.
One of the main reasons in favor of purchasing this press is ability to emboss die-cut lids along the sealing contour, it is so-called
SMART-embossing. This type of embossing is widely usedabroad, but it is an innovation for the Russian market. Such lids meet not only the requirements in terms of functionality, but also solve marketing tasks.
Embossing is a technical requirement for all aluminum lids, which is traditionally performed using a solid pattern. SMART-embossing allows to choose the place on the cover where the embossing will be applied, thus leaving most of the cover smooth and without
affecting any graphics.