5 reasons to switch to SMART-embossing


Most recently, the factory installed and successfully launched a cutting press of the Swiss company Berhalter, which produces the most modern, high-quality and reliable equipment. SMARTembosser increases the branding capabilities of foil lids.
SMART-embossing technology is an innovation for the Russian market. For a complete understanding, we have identified 5 reasons in favor of switching to SMART-embossing:

1. Functional and marketing requirements compliance. SMART-embossing allows you to select the place on the lid where the embossing will be applied, thereby leaving most of the lid smooth and without affecting any graphics.

2. More branding options. Lids can be printed with bright colors, with more space for product information without distorting the design on a smooth surface. Due to the lack of embossing over the entire area, the packaging looks more attractive. One of the most important features of the Berhalter press is the possibility of applying individual embossing. It can be anything-a logo, trademark, branding. This way you will not only distinguish your product from others, but also protect it from fakes.

3. The efficiency of manufacturing orders. The Swiss machine is known not only for its precision, but also for its high embossing speed, which is 2 times faster than existing presses.

4. Premium for affordable price. The price of such a lid with SMART-embossing is cheaper than a unembossed die-cut lid. Thus, the customer receives first-class packaging at a good price.

5. No additional attachments. Switching from usual embossing to SMART-embossing will prevent unnecessary spending on new equipment – this embossing is suitable for any filling machine, including old modifications, usually without changeover.
Now, MILK packaging Factory is the only producer in Russia that has SMARTembosser technology. Swiss precision is in Russia now!