"Russian shield’ under the auspices of the Packaging Factory MILK

With the financial support of the Packaging Factory MILK, Shchekino (Tula region) held a mixed martial arts tournament ‘Russian shield’. Every year, a local sports club ‘Magura’, the district administration and a three-time hand-to-hand USSR champion Yuriy Gritsuk organize this event with the idea to raise patriotism and motivation for martial art and healthy lifestyle.

As usual, the hall for fights could hardly accommodate all those who would like to attend the tournament. This year, 44 athletes took part in the competition. Besides participants from Tula, there were sportsmen from the Orel, Ryazan, Kaluga, and Moscow regions. Tula fighters won most of the fights.

The organizers always try to impress their guests with something besides the contest itself. This time, the regional Russian Guard department held a military weapon exhibition. During the breaks, guests could enjoy the concert of Hristo Kirilov - a ‘Golden guitar’ from Bulgaria.